Sasse Announces Re-Election Bid: 2020 is Socialism vs Civics

Sasse Announcement

Nebraska — U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, conservative Republican, announced his re-election campaign for the U.S. Senate in front of an overflow crowd.

“What’s at stake in 2020 is nothing less than a choice between American civics and socialism,” said Sasse. “Those are the stakes.”

Sasse drew a direct connection between American teenagers not knowing civics and the fact that polling data today suggests that nearly 40% of Americans under 30 believe the First Amendment might be harmful.

“Ronald Reagan said that freedom is always one generation away from extinction. He said that freedom is not passed along in the bloodstream—it has to be taught,” said Sasse.

Sasse promised to once again go out on the road and make his case directly to Nebraskans, as he did in his first campaign in 2014.

“We’re going to do it the only way we know how: hitting all 93 counties in our ol’ RV, meeting and listening to Nebraskans, talking to them about the American idea, about limited government, and about freedom. That’s the Nebraska Way,” said Sasse.


Sasse made the announcement to an overflow crowd and was joined by leaders of Nebraska’s Republican Party like Governor Pete Ricketts, Governor Dave Heineman, Governor Kay Orr, Congressman Jeff Fortenberry, Congressman Don Bacon, and Mayor Jean Stothert.

Ben Sasse is a fifth-generation Nebraskan, born in Plainview and raised in Fremont. Ben and his wife, Melissa, have three kids – Corrie, Alex, and Breck. The son of a football and wrestling coach, Ben learned about hard work detasseling corn and walking beans. Ben has spent most of his work-life as a turnaround guy — helping companies and non-profits build winning strategies.

Ben’s a conservative. Consistently ranked as one of the United States Senate’s most conservative members, he serves on the intelligence, judiciary, and banking committees. On the Intelligence Committee, Ben’s working to combat Chinese aggression. On the Judiciary Committee, Ben’s fighting to put strong constitutionalists — like Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh — on the courts. An outspoken advocate for Nebraska agriculture, Ben is working to make sure farmers and ranchers have reliable access to trade markets. Ben believes in the sanctity of human life and is a pro-life leader, having authored the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act and gone toe-to-toe against Planned Parenthood. Ben worries that career politicians have no urgency about the threats of cyber war and are lying about our nation’s looming debt crisis. An opponent of perpetual incumbency, he has no intention of spending his life in the Senate and authored term limit legislation on his first day in office.