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What people are saying
  • Sasse has emerged as something of a rockstar in the conservative media.

  • Few rookie senators have the knowledge and moxie to uncork a withering critique of the Senate. Sasse does.

  • There’s no question he will be one of the intellectual leaders in the Senate.

  • Sasse is a tireless worker and serious policy thinker. Ask about an issue — from health care to the Middle East to entitlement reform — and it quickly becomes apparent that he is the antithesis of the typical sound-bite candidate.

  • While some wait to fix problems tomorrow, Ben Sasse faces them head-on.

  • Obamacare's Cornhusker Nemesis

  • For Ben Sasse, I’d drive that bus anywhere.

  • The man has principles and the man has guts.

  • If we can’t get people like Ben Sasse elected, we will lose more than just elections. We will lose the public policy fights we should be winning. Give every penny you can muster TODAY to Ben Sasse.

  • Ben clearly articulated a conservative vision to Nebraska voters who rewarded him with their votes.